We are a little family farm located in the Butte County area. Since before 1972, we have been farming on the mountains of Laos. In Laos, the Hmong practiced slash and burn farming. After choosing an area, they would clear away brush, pile it and use it to burn all the trees and plant life. The ash was then spread throughout the field as fertilizer.

Some of the unique vegetables that you can see at the farm and at our farmer’s market locations ranges from bitter melon to lemon grass. We also carry various familiar vegetables, including crooked summer squash, zucchini, cucumber, etc. Our farm is small in size but it does produce a vast amount of vegetables that will meet your high expectations.

Our family is dedicated to cultivating healthy and pesticide-free vegetables so that your family will have the best when it comes to seasonal vegetable. My family enjoys the fresh vegetables that we grow on our farm and I know that you and your family will enjoy our various vegetables too.

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